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Chloe, 3 Tennis balls in her mouth, Rest in Peace Chloe I am the child of dog lovers. When I think of my childhood it is memories of the dogs that were running around the backyards with my siblings and me. As a young adult I remember watching my father with his dogs, Shika and Sampson always by his side. After my father passed away I remembered him on his walks on Wingaersheek beach with his dogs by his side or the three of them sprawled out on the couch after a long walk, his German shepherd on one side and his golden retriever on the other. It’s been over ten years since my father passed away but I always smile when I remember him and his dogs, walking the beach as the tide rolled in from the sea. Chloe was my first dog as an adult. She was a beautiful black lab who taught me more about unconditional love and unbreakable friendship than anyone I had ever known. She quickly showed me the true meaning of mans best friend with her sloppy kisses and big black bear paws. She was the light of my day, always running with two (and sometimes even three) tennis balls in her mouth and swimming in the backyard lake. She waited by the window every single day at 3 pm because she knew that’s when my car would be pulling into the driveway, waiting to greet me with her wagging tail and smiling with her raised upper lip. For movie nights when we’d make popcorn she’d jump around the kitchen trying to catch the popcorn that flew out of the air popper. She made me laugh every day and I fell more in love with her every single day, she was the child I had never had.


The saying goes that two is better than one, which is why I brought Chloe home a little sister, Madison. I had fallen in love with the loyalty, playfulness and energy of the black lab, so home came a second beautiful sister pup for Chloe. The two were thick as thieves, swimming every day in the lake, rolling around the backyard and cuddling in the late afternoon sun in the living room with me.

Life was wonderful; I was the doggy father of two happy, silly labs who were by my side day in and day out. But suddenly Chloe was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was seven and had to make the most devastating decision I ever had to make, in order to save her from any more pain. I didn’t understand why my sweet girl Chloe had to be taken from this world at such a young age. Madison and I were heartbroken and we’d sit in the backyard throwing tennis balls into the lake longing for Chloe to come running around out the backdoor to join us.

After losing Chloe I knew I needed to make a difference. I wanted to give another dog the happiness that Chloe had given me each and everyday that I came home to find her waiting for me at the window. I decided it was time to adopt, to save a life after one was taken so unjustly from me.

Abigail was found stranded on the streets of Virginia. She was then taken to one of the many over populated shelters where she spent over six months in a kennel, waiting for someone to take her home. But no one ever came for her. When Northeast Shelter shipped her up to Salem Mass, she spent another six months in a kennel, but again no one wanted her. She was timid and scared, all alone and without anyone to love her. Until I found her. I saw something in the softness in her eyes, the cute white patch of fur on her chest and I knew right away that I could give this lab mix a wonderful home. I knew that with time, patience and love I could make her feel safe, give her the home she was never able to have.

Today Abigail is a happy, healthy and wonderful dog, who has brought Madison and I so much joy everyday. I love my girls so much and each day I try to give both Abigail and Madison the life that they deserve, full of trips to Plum Island in Newburyport, lunches downtown and days full of doggy toys and cuddles. I started Jus Labs because I feel passionate about giving all Labrador Retriever lovers products to wear with pride and to show their love for this incredible breed of dog that give their humans unconditional love everyday. I am also passionate about giving back to NO-Kill Animal shelters. As a sponsor, Jus Labs donates 20% of the proceeds as a way to help Shelters continue to transport homeless and abused dogs from the South to New England where they can be given wonderful homes. I am eternally grateful to these organizations because without them I would not have been able to fall in love with my Abigail.

Jus Labs has always been a dream of mine, to help share the love I have for my best friends, with other dog lovers. I dedicate these wonderful products to my beautiful girls, Chloe, Madison and Abigail who have given me so much joy, to my father, who I’ll always remember walking along the sand with his two dogs and today I feel thankful that I too, have found that love, the delight as Abigail, Madison and I walk along the ocean.

Written By: The Brown Eyed Girl

Allie McManus